A Journey of Moments

an art chronicle of 2020 - 2021, the pandemic years

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This art exhibition was originally titled “The NOW of 2020-2021” premiering on the Illume International Art Gallery website on January 1, 2022. Artists created original artworks accompanied by personal statements that reflected what they were experiencing in their lives at the moment they created those works — the ‘now’ of their lives. Those moments have become part of our past as this exhibition transformed into an amazing two year journey of those ‘now’ moments in the lives of the artists, and of our world as well.

Our planet went through a difficult and dangerous time when the pandemic spread across our planet. The journey of moments presented in the exhibition, and in this book, serves as an art chronicle of those two years. Regardless of whether people agreed or disagreed with the lockdown and mask mandates, many, and perhaps even most, felt isolated and imprisoned in their own homes for much, some, or the majority of those two years. For this reason, “Forgotten in Captivity” by Iranian artist Leila Ghaneizadeh, was selected for the book’s cover art representing an important experience of the pandemic years.

Like all Illume exhibitions, “A Journey of Moments” remains online permanently for future viewing for as long as Illume Gallery exists.

The book above is available to the public on the Lulu bookstore at:


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"Journey of Moments" cover image by Leila Ghaneizadeh

Book designed and created by Harriette Lawler

Published by Moon and Mountain, Copyright 2023.