Earthling Two

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We  humans share this amazing and beautiful planet with millions of animal and plant species. Earth abounds with life and is the jewel of our solar system. However, human activities have caused and continue to cause the mass extinction of other species and the ongoing catastrophic climate change taking place. Life on Earth is threatened.

On April 22, 2021, the second “Earthling” art exhibition “Earthling Two” premiered on Illume International Art Gallery. The show remains online for future viewing as all our exhibitions do. Artists from around the world participated with their art and a personal statement. Artists Neil Nieuwoudt and Harriette Lawler curated the exhibition. We are all Earthlings. An insect, mammal, bird, or reptile is just as much an Earthling as a human is.

Like all Illume exhibitions, “A Journey of Moments” remains online permanently for future viewing for as long as Illume Gallery exists.

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"Earthling Two" cover image 

by Theresa DiMenno

Book designed and created 

by Harriette Lawler

Published by Moon and Mountain, Copyright 2023.