Works by Harriette Lawler

Artwork Series:

String Band


Animate Boxes

Them & Those


Arcs/Restrung Bows

Citadel Triad

Shadow Play


Sculptural Chimes

Early Work 

Art Books:

"Drifting Down the Lane
. . . Art & Poetry Explorations"

"Estuary: A Confluence
of Art & Poetry"

"Gateway: An Artists'
Time Capsule"


"Planet Earth Planet Art"

"Rearte Gallery 2008-2013"

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Events and Reviews:

Lys D'or, G;obal Warming

Levure litteraire

Severin's Choice-Romania

Idstein, Germany Review

Threading Forever Review

Third Paradigm Reviews

Newark, NJ, USA Review

Los Alamos: "Threading Forever"

Vienna Exhibition: "Privatspharen"

Albuquerque Exhibiton: "Earth Narratives"

San Francisco Exhibition: "Corrections"

Holocaust Center Installation

NM Bar Magazine Covers

About the Sculptor

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